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Road Defects: Overlooked Causes of Car Accidents

When it comes to car accidents, it is so easy to put the blame on the drivers. After all, they are the ones holding the steering wheels. They control their fates. But it is unfair to always put the blame on them, because there are times where they are actually not the ones at fault, or at least not entirely.

Drivers are not always to blame

For example, a mechanical defect that has triggered an automobile accident is not necessarily the driver’s fault. It can be the fault of the designer or manufacturer of the product. In fact, according to the website of the LaMarca Law Group, P.C., these designers and manufacturers can be legally liable.

Another cause of car accidents that is not talked about often is road defects. But who is still to blame here? It can be argued that the driver is still at fault, because he should be alert and skillful enough to avoid these defects. But sometimes, the defects are just too much, and the drivers would not need countermeasures if there are no defects in the first place.

Local governments are often responsible for the roads in their jurisdictions, so if car accidents have occurred in their roads because of defects, they may be held liable. The website of these Sacramento car accident lawyers has enumerated the aspects where you may deserve compensation – expenses, injuries, loss of income, and suffering.

Road defects that may lead to accidents

There are different kinds of road defects, and all of them still boil down to the same culprit – the local government, for failing to properly design and maintain the roads.

Design defects involve, well, the designs of the road, like dangerously abrupt turns, lack of adequate shoulders, overly narrow lanes, lack of dividers and guardrails, and defective drainage systems that promote flooding and unnecessary road wetness.

Maintenance defects are defects that have risen because of the lack of maintenance, like malfunctioning traffic lights, fading road signs and yellow and white lines, overgrowth that can block visibility and road accessibility, and pavement issues like potholes.

Products That May Choke Children

As the adult in the family, you should be the one ensuring the safety of the children, and one way to ensure their safety is being wary of products that may cause a choking accident. Also, children are physically and mentally limited, so they may not be aware of the possible choking hazards around them. This gives you more reason to be the one responsible for their safety.
According to the website of Mazin & Associates, PC, those who have children who have suffered from injuries because of negligence may have legal options. So, you are not just putting the children’s health at risk, as you are also putting yourself in danger of getting sued.

Daycare Products and Toys

Designers and manufacturers have the responsibility of ensuring that their products are properly designed and manufactured for the right age bracket. But it is also your responsibility of filtering the daycare products and toys you make accessible to your children. Be particularly cautious of products with small parts that can detach, easily breakable products, and products that can be outright dangerous as a choking hazard, such as balloons and brick toys.


Some of the most common choking hazards are foods. They are common because, of course, all children need to eat, so they are inherently at risk of food products that may cause choking. The most dangerous products are hard and round, such as candies, nuts, and even processed foods such as hotdogs.
If you are letting your children take in these products, at least make sure that they are cut small enough to avoid choking. It also helps if you discipline your children during eating time, so they don’t accidentally choke because of reckless behaviors like lying down while eating.

Small Objects

Children are curious, and they have the tendency to put anything in their mouths if they are curious enough. This puts them at risk of choking on small products that they may find interesting, including scattered coins around the house and rocks in the backyard. The keys to prevent choking from such products are proper supervision of children and organization of materials in and around the house.

Online Fraud as a White-Collar Crime

There are different kinds of white-collar crimes, but there are certain things that make them somewhat the same. Typically, white-collar crimes are crimes that are deceiving victims for financial gain. Many white-collar crimes do not involve violence, but violent ones are not unheard of. The most general white-collar crime is fraud, which refers to the deliberate deception of another to secure an advantage. White-collar crime and fraud almost have the same general definition, as you can see above.

Common kinds of online fraud

  • Online shopping fraud, such as the malicious acquisition of credit card information and other personal data that can cost financial damages to the victim. Many online fraud incidents happen on the most popular shopping sites.
  • Pyramid schemes, or investments that promise high returns upon the recruitment of other investors, are fraudulent. Their models are not sustainable and only serve those on top. If the scheme finally collapse, bid your money goodbye as you basically give it to those who are on top of the pyramid.
  • Advance-fee fraud as scams that require victims to pay a sum of money with a promise that they will receive a bigger sum of money in the future. Many advance-fee frauds are outside of the country, so if you send them money, that money is as good as gone, as it is very hard to track.
  • Non-investment fraud are frauds that promise other gains, such as miracle cures to certain illnesses. The primary target of these fraud incidents is those who have not been cured by traditional treatments. If you give these fraudsters a chance, you may not see your hard-earned cash again or receive a product that has no effect.
  • Work-from-home scams involve those suspicious advertisements you see online that promise good pay just by working at home. Many of these schemes will ask you to pay a fee to join their program, and the money is all they want.

The world has advanced enough to be able connect us from the people around the world in an accessible way. It has its advantages, but we should also realize that its disadvantages include online fraud.

The seriousness of the issue, however, can cloud the judgment of others, so they throw allegations. In these instances, it is best to get the help of legal professionals, such as the Nashville criminal lawyers at Horst Law. Still, the best way to avoid allegations of online fraud is to know its most common forms and stay away from them as much as possible.

Sanofi-Aventis’ Warning about Taxotere: A Warning Too Late

Every year, about 45,000 women die due to breast cancer, the most common form of cancer women in the U.S. suffer from. Every year too, about 183,000 to 300,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed.

Chemotherapy is one type of cancer treatment. Sometimes, it is the only kind of treatment used; at other times, it is used along with surgery or radiation therapy. Surgery and radiation therapy, though, kill cancer cells only in a certain area; chemotherapy, on the other hand, works throughout the whole body, slowing the growth, or killing, cancer cells, especially those that have metastasized or have spread to others parts of the body. Besides these, chemotherapy also shrinks tumors, kill cancer cells that were not removed during surgery or radiation therapy, and keeps cancer cells from spreading.

There are more than a hundred chemotherapy drugs that have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in treating breast cancer. One of these is Taxotere, which the FDA also approved to treat other types of cancer, including non-small cell lung cancer, prostate cancer, gastric cancer, and head and neck cancer.

Taxotere is an intravenous chemotherapy drug that is manufactured and marketed by Sanofi-Aventis. Due to its capability to interfere with the growth and spread of cancer cells, it is able to improve life expectancy; however, studies show that this drug has also a disfiguring side effect: permanent hair loss or permanent alopecia.

Hair loss is expected during chemotherapy. Patients’ hair, however, is expected to grow back within three to six months after treatment has stopped. About 10% – 15% of women, who had been treated with Taxotere, though, has had no hair growth for as long as ten years after treatments.

As explained by the law firm Williams Kherkher, Sanofi-Aventis only began to warn U.S. patients of the risk of permanent alopecia after being mandated to do so by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in December 2015, even though patients outside of the U.S. were warned about permanent hair loss as early as 2005. This means that because U.S. doctors and patients were unaware of Taxotere’s risk of permanent alopecia, the option of using an alternative chemotherapy drug that is as effective as Taxotere, but without its permanent side effects, was rarely used.

The Types of Auto Insurance Coverage Explained

Finding auto insurance coverage may seem to be a daunting task especially if you do not know where to start. There is a variety of options available to you and it is just matter of choosing the right one for your needs and requirements. According to the website of bed sores lawyers of Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, there are several types of auto insurance coverage that can fulfill individual needs. Here we will look at the most common types of insurance coverage:

1. Liability Insurance

If you had been deemed at-fault in a car accident, liability insurance will help defray the medical expenses of the other driver. However, it will not pay for your injuries as well as that of your passengers. Most states have a required minimum for the amount of liability coverage. It consists of two parts namely bodily injury or property damage. The former pays for any damage incurred by the other party or their passengers. The latter, on the other hand, covers any damage to vehicles or other properties.

2. Collision Coverage

Collision coverage shoulders payment for repairs or replacement of your own vehicle after an accident. It includes damage due to collision with an object such as a tree or house or accidents that did not involve any object. While such coverage is not mandated in most states, it will come in handy if you have a loan or lease. Likewise, if you are using an older model of car, collision coverage may be useful.

3. Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive insurance provides protection to your vehicle against damages not due to accidents such as theft, falling debris, or natural disasters. It is often purchased together with collision coverage. By adding safety features as an anti-theft and tracking devices, you can make comprehensive coverage more affordable. Take note that not all insurance companies will offer the same coverage so make sure you have an idea of what coverage is included in your policy.

4. Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Personal injury protection (PIP) is often called “no-fault” insurance. It pays for medical expenses that you will incur in an accident regardless of who caused the crash. It also covers all the other drivers, family members, or other passengers listed in your policy. It also covers other medical expenses not covered by health insurance. Only 15 states require PIP. With the costs in a car accident likely to add up, it makes sense to have Personal Injury Protection.

5. Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Protection

Although most states require insurance to all drivers, this is not always the case. While they may be covered with liability insurance, some states may have low minimum coverage requirements that will not be sufficient coverage for all expenses. So if someone who does not have coverage or has less coverage than what is needed to cover any damage, having uninsured/underinsured motorist protection can help defray any accident-related expenses.

Knowledge of the different types of car insurance coverage can help you decide on what type of insurance to include in your policy. The bottom line is that with the cost of medical bills and repairs associated with car accidents too costly on your part, having car insurance coverage can free you from out of the pocket expenses.

Probing Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

More and more Americans are seeking the help of nursing homes for their long-term care needs. Nursing home residents are entitled to enjoy the same rights that any other residents outside nursing homes are enjoying. They have the right for a quality life free from any forms of abuse: verbal, physical, sexual, and financial. And according to the website of the Law Offices of Ronald J. Resmini, LTD., a nursing home that has been proven to violate a resident’s right to quality living could be liable to the fullest extent permitted by the applicable law.

Probing for nursing home abuse can be difficult, but not impossible. Here are the things that you should consider to determine whether your loved one is suffering from nursing home abuse and neglect:

Do not ignore what your loved one is telling you

If your loved one is telling you that she is being abused in any way, chances are it is true. Whatever the gravity of abuse, a person who feels she is mistreated is really mistreated, so you should never ignore your loved one’s insights and take appropriate action to prevent further abuse.

Look for signs of neglect and maltreatment

Tell-tale signs of nursing home abuse and neglect could be seen through the patient’s body. Bedsores, for instance, indicate that nursing home staff fails to ensure that the position of bedridden patients are switched regularly. Unexplained bruises are also signs that the resident is being physically maltreated.

Check for your loved one’s health

Dehydration and malnutrition are signs that your loved one is not receiving the nutrition her body needs every day. Fractures and head injuries caused by unexplained falls could also be a result of a nursing staff’s failure to monitor and assist the patient in her daily activities. Communicable diseases and infections, on the other hand, might tell that the facility failed in protecting your loved one from health dangers inside the nursing home.

Observe your loved one’s behavior

Is she reluctant in speaking when there is staff around? Is she unusually irritated? Does she always want to be isolated? These could be signs of abuse and neglect.

Motorcycle Accidents: Common Causes and Prevention

While motorcycles prove to be a fast and efficient way to travel, there is no doubt that it also involves greater risks than traveling in a car. As noted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, fatalities that result from motorcycle accidents are 30 times more likely than deaths from accidents involving cars. Considering that motorcycles aren’t equipped with the same safety features as passenger vehicles, this statistic should not come as a surprise. An individual riding a motorcycle isn’t afforded the protection of a metal cassis and safety equipment such as seat belts and air bags. The only protection these individuals can rely on is their safety gear, which won’t mean much in a serious collision involving a larger vehicle.

This personal injury website says there are several factors contributing to the continued incidence of motorcycle accidents. For one, these vehicles are much smaller and faster than all the other vehicles sharing the road. These characteristics can make motorcycles very easy to miss. This is why motorcyclists need to be cautious when making a turn or merging into traffic. Another common issue with regards to the lithe frame of motorcycles is the occurrence of sudden stop collisions or rear end collisions. Motorcyclists riding behind a vehicle that suddenly hits the break can cause a collision that can be cause them to fall off the vehicle or have neck and back injuries such as whiplash. To prevent this from happening, motorcyclists should keep a safe distance between themselves and the vehicle in front of it.

Another common cause of motor cycle accidents is open car doors. In urban areas where several cars are seen parked along a street, motorcyclists may accidentally collide with a car door that’s open. This can cause very serious injuries. As a result, it’s important for motorcyclists to keep a safe speed in these areas and stick to the appropriate lanes designated for motorcycles, bicycles and other small vehicles.

If an accident should accident occur despite a motorcyclist’s close accordance to safety precautions, aggrieved individuals should not hesitate to seek out the help of a legal professional and learn more pursuing a civil case.

Taking a Culinary Adventure in Madison, Wisconsin

Aside from being known as the famous City of Lakes, Madison is also home to a huge population of restaurants that offer a host of different cuisines. Thanks to the diversity of its population, Madison’s local food scene can be considered just as gastronomically varied. The following are just some of the several stops you should make when taking a culinary adventure in Wisconsin’s capital city.


Perhaps one of Madison’s most popular restaurants, L’Etoile is owned by Tory Miller, the chef crowned by the James Beard Foundation as the best in the Midwest in 2012. The restaurant offers a menu featuring home-style dishes made from the best local ingredients.

Dane County Farmers Market

The Dane Country Farmers Market is held every Wednesdays and Saturdays at the Capitol Square in the summer months. Visitors can buy fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, breads, cheeses, honeys, jams, and other local food items that have been produced or made by local farmers and vendors.


Because Wisconsin is among American’s leading dairy producers, it would be silly to pass up on the opportunity to sample one of the state’s specialties. When in Madison, don’t forget to drop by Fromagination to taste dishes that features the very best of Wisconsin cheeses.

Bahn Thai

Those looking for their Asian food fix can visit Madison’s oldest Thai restaurant. Bahn Thai features classic favorites such as the pad thai and pad see ew made from fresh ingredients and locally grown vegetables.


Meanwhile, visitors looking to satisfy their Italian food cravings can head on over to a restaurant that is widely considered as a Madison institution. Lombardino’s first opened in 1952 and have since been serving iconic dishes like Napoletana pizza, grilled Angus beef filet, spaghetti puttanesca, and seared sea scallops.

Personal Injury: The Truth is a Matter of Circumstance

Personal injury cases can be more complex than a he-said, she-said kind of story depending on who the guilty party is.

For example, if you have been injured due to unsafe premises, the owner of the premises is then liable to pay you for the damages sustained. Say the owner is the president of a large, resourceful corporation – the whole deal can then suddenly become much more complicated if not faced with competent enough help.

Personal injury cases can also be difficult if there are medical terminologies and procedures that need to come up as evidence or relevant information on the claim, as is the case of some situations wherein the fault can be labeled as medical malpractice or defective pharmaceuticals. The attorneys who then take on that case must then be able to defend that claim in order to represent your case.

The website of Crowe & Mulvey LLP says that lawyers of these kinds of cases are not confined to just legal issues as they are then tasked with resources in order for you to receive the best kind of care available as well as ensure that your path to recovery is the one most efficient and effective for you. Experts in various fields might have a need to testify in your behalf and it is tasked then to the experts that you hire in order for your case to be presented in the best way possible.

Lawsuits can also be difficult due to the strict deadlines that courts place upon them and having to deal and recover from an injury is difficult enough. Some cases are even so debilitating that some victims are rendered temporarily or permanently injured; some of these cases sometimes can even result in death. In a battle like this, where information is crucial and the only weapon that counts, your truth must be more than circumstantial and implacable enough to be believed beyond reasonable doubt.

It takes qualified, expert help in order to get you through a situation like this so it really is recommended for you to look into that as soon as you realize that you’re going to need the aid.

Reducing the Impact of SUV Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents are the greatest risks that sports utility vehicles face. Rollover accidents can lead to devastating injuries and damages not only for the driver and passengers inside the vehicles, but also for those who are involved in the accident. Because of the rising number of lawsuits and fatalities that SUV rollover accidents had, car manufacturers have devised various ways to help lessen the risks of such accidents and protect their consumers.

One such improvement is the installation of side-impact airbags (SAB). These are inflatable devices made to protect the head, chest, and generally the body, of the driver and passengers during a serious collision that may occur on the side of the vehicle. These airbags are meant to protect the most important parts of the body: the head and the torso. When buying an SUV, it would be best to find one that has the combination of two airbags, the combo SAB.

Chest SABs are meant to protect the torso or chest area in side-impact collisions, while head SABs mounted inside the roof rail are designed to shield the head and can protect in events of ejection during a rollover accident. A combination SAB, mounted generally on the side of the seat, can be larger in size and provides protection for both the head and the torso. These SABs inflate through the help of sensors that detects the severity of the crash, and they inflate within a fraction of a second.

Wausau car accident attorneys point out that because automotive defects have been blamed for the great number of injuries and fatalities caused by SUV rollover accidents, the installation of these various types of SABs have helps in protecting the driver and passengers inside the vehicle. Although these are not mandated by the Federal government, they can still be installed to help increase driver and passenger protection. Make sure to install one that inflates during a rollover, since occupant ejection is one of the leading causes of death in rollover accidents and SAB help prevent such ejections. Installing safety extra safety features may have the added benefit of reducing your auto insurance premium.